“Oyyyyyy Papa” Electric Spanish Broadcaster Buries Chicago.

“Must watch” is thrown around too much. In order for that to be used, it has to hit the internet hall-of-fame immediately. The news lady falling out of the wine grapes is the first one that comes to mind… and you don’t even need the clip to know what I’m talking about.

The Bears game last night is ALL over your social media feed so this video can’t be labeled must watch. It’s also just one of thousands of exciting spanish-called sports broadcasts that slam your twitter and Instagram feed anytime a big game ending happens.

However… I have rewatched this video no less than 65 times now and feel VERY strongly about it. It’s very close to “must watch” status. By no means is this video in that elite category, but it’s close and earns the right to chew only 36 seconds of your life.

I can’t speak a lick of Spanish. Just some obscure words I can picture from Spanish 2 textbooks from junior year of high school. I’d imagine many of you reading this are in the same boat. Maybe that’s why this is so funny.

1. “No Señor!!” x 1,000:

Nothing to say here. Makes you laugh as he gasps for air right Right before giving us the next gem.

2. “Oyyyyyyy PAPA”

Now that’s a word I DO remember. Papa=Dad. You’re welcome. This guy is blue in the face screaming for his father. That’s what we as fans should be expecting out of our English-speaking guys on the mic each and every game. Electric factory.

3. Broadcaster #2. He has one line in this video. “OH!” I assume he’s thrown off the headset and popped the bottle of champagne to enjoy with Broadcaster #1 because they had many Pesos riding on the Eagles.

4. “Chicagooo, Chicagooo”

Is there a meaner troll job done by (what should be) a bipartisan announcer? Jesus Christ buddy… the whole city of Chicago worships their struggling sports teams. They even showed grown men with two kids and a mortgage in the stands wearing Mike Ditka costumes crying in pain and you’re giving them the two-snap jig dance on their grave.

Red Sox did it to New York by cucking their own victory song “New York” by Frank Sinatra after the ALCS this year, but that’s against Yankee fans, so who cares?

I lived in Chicago for a bit and have a fair amount of love for the people of that city, but that was downright evil what that announcer did. He might as well of come into every Bear’s fans home and spit on Grandma’s framed photo. Disgraceful… but it’s just so damn hysterical.

That’s pretty much all I have to say. That video speaks for itself.

What a game though. That kick gets all the attention, but that last 4 minutes of that 4th Quarter was the most entertained I’ve been watching a sporting event in a long time. It wasn’t an Eagles win, but rather a Bears Tragedy.

I love sports and, while it may break our hearts more often than not, that’s what life is all about. Inject those kind of games and that electric play call directly into my veins. Sports!



Big man on campus, Sebastian Janikowski is 40 years old and has the ideal male bod as a kicker in the NFL. He’s a beautiful middle finger to the rest of pretty-boy kickers.

Him pulling his hamstring and giving that painful look was relatable to each and everyone of us. We don’t deserve the type of humor and entertainment we got this weekend. Thank you football and go sports.

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