TCU Rifle Team, sup?

A lot of you reading this went to TCU with me and I must say that we often take for granted just how lucky we are to be alumni of a school that’s in the top 25 in the 3 main collegiate sports pretty much every year– football, baseball and now basketball. Can you think of another school to do that? Maybe South Carolina, but they don’t do it like TCU. If you didn’t go to TCU then you should know your school stinks and any argument you have is invalid.

One of the craziest things we Horned Frogs overlook is just how DOMINANT we are in the collegiate sport of Rifle. I went down a rabbit hole today and learned a ton about the all-female team and think it’s absurd we aren’t talking about it.

NCAA Rifle Champions List

When our Lady Frog Bob Lee Swaggers’ aren’t winning the trophy each year, they’re right on the cusp. They are beating our armed forces schools…. think about that for a second. That’s inane.

It’s an incredibly challenging sport and one that shouldn’t go unnoticed like it has been.

But this brings me to my serious point. Did I miss my chance at meeting my future wife?

I watched some of the Victoria Secret show — for the fashion of course — and I felt nothing. Yasmin Wijnaldum slow-motion bouncing breasts’ in a skimpy bra…? Yawn. Sofie Rovenstine shimmying and winking at the audience…? Boringgggggg. Give me fully-clothed women chambering a round on a bolt action rifle. That’s what gets the needle moving, baby.

Lord have mercy….

My level of intoxication on a Friday night directly correlates with the amount of likes I sling at hunting insta models. For years I’ve done this. I’ve even had one too many adult beverages DM’ed some ladies to shoot my shot, but yielded zero success. I’m as disappointed as you are.

I like my women a little on the crazy side. What guy doesn’t? What could be sexier than knowing in the back of your mind that if her father doesn’t shoot you, your Rifle-team boo would? Knowing that a date at the gun range would inevitably then into a competitive head-to-head duel excites me.

Back in college, I used to hang the TCU Rifle team’s poster proudly in my room swooning over those ladies. I never got to meet one but I wouldn’t have approached any of them anyway because of the crippling anxiety with approaching females. But still..

I did the bachelor life all wrong back in college. I wasted my time in college slapping wine bags at some 80’s-themed Sorority party and not flirting with the TCU Rifle ladies from the stands. Shame on me.

So if you’re a former athlete Rifle athlete at TCU… sup? I currently have the expert shooting badge with the Marine Corps–but more importantly, know my way around a .22 air rifle… just ask the squirrels of Fort Worth. Plus, I’m a blogger and everyone knows chicks dig bloggers.

In case any of you are reading this, here’s a 2015 bad boy sporting that air rifle.

Go Frogs. Cheers.

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