My Dad is Florida Stanley

My dad retired just before Christmas, bought a one-way ticket to Florida and now lives there full-time. The modern day Clark Griswold is hanging up the briefcase and putting on the Hawaiian shirt. He is now Florida Stanley. The four of us siblings always joked about how the Old Man would act during retirement but... Continue Reading →

Rest In Peace ProlapsedRaynus

Video games give us endless entertainment. Fortnite. Ever heard of it? The most entertaining part of it all is not the game itself; it's seeing everyone's gamertag. I believe in the future success of our generation because the difficulty to slip one by the strict name-checkers of Xbox and still craft cheap humor takes high-cognitive... Continue Reading →

TCU Rifle Team, sup?

A lot of you reading this went to TCU with me and I must say that we often take for granted just how lucky we are to be alumni of a school that's in the top 25 in the 3 main collegiate sports pretty much every year-- football, baseball and now basketball. Can you think... Continue Reading →

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